Michael Payne

Michael is a Labour Party member of 15 years. Knowing the positive changes a Labour government can make, he was the first in his family to attend university, where he studied Law. He’s served as a Labour Borough Councillor since 2011 and County Councillor since 2013 - winning both seats from the Conservatives.

Michael has been Deputy Leader of Gedling Borough Council in the Midlands since 2011, and is one of the UKs first openly Gay Deputy Council Leaders. He has played an integral role in helping Labour secure an unprecedented three term Labour majority administration on Gedling Borough Council - never done before since the council’s creation in 1974.

In 2014 Michael was selected as Labour’s parliamentary candidate for Newark CLP in Nottinghamshire, he received the backing of the FBU, GMB, Unison & USDAW. Michael knows how to take the fight to the Tories, contesting the 2014 Newark parliamentary by-election, substantially increasing Labour's vote share between 2014 and the 2015 General Election and taking Labour from third to second place.

Since 2017 Michael has served as Labour’s Deputy Leader of Labour in local government in England & Wales - representing all Labour councils, groups and over 6000 councillors nationally. Michael leads on campaigning nationally for Labour Local Government, travelling across the length of the UK and helping Labour to win.

Michael has been a lifelong campaigner for social equality. Campaigning relentlessly for more representation of BAME, LGBT, disabled and women members at all levels of our party and public offices.

In 2018 Michael worked with LGBT+ Labour to establish LGBT+ Labour Councillors Network, and he is the inaugural chair.

Help put Labour back on the path to power
  • Joined the Labour Party 2005

  • Labour Councillor2011

    Overturned a Conservative majority of 173 to secure a Labour majority of 302 in St. Mary’s ward, Gedling, where he was born & brought up
  • Deputy Leader of the Council 2011-Present

    Gedling Borough Council. Wrote the manifestos that lead to second and third term Labour victories in 2015 and 2019.
  • Labour County Councillor 2013

    Overturned a Conservative majority of 1,296 to secure Labour majority of 79 in Arnold North division on Nottinghamshire County Council
  • Labour Candidate 2014-2015

    for the Parliamentary seat of Newark in both the 2014 by-election and 2015 General Election.
  • Deputy Leader 2017-Present

    Local Government Association Labour Group.
  • Inaugural Chair 2019-Present

    LGBT+ Labour Councillors Network
  • LGBT+ Officer 2019-Present

    Gedling CLP